Research Integrity and Safety

The Office of Research Integrity and Safety (ORIS)聽provides professional expertise and service to facilitate research that is conducted with integrity.

ORIS Mission

The mission of the Office of Research Integrity and Safety (ORIS) is to partner with the University community by providing professional oversight, training, subject matter expertise and support that fosters optimal science and scholarship while promoting integrity and safety.

ORIS Values

  • Working in partnership with researchers to promote a culture of scholarly integrity
  • Using professional judgement and flexibility in interpreting and applying regulations
  • Minimizing burden by focusing on goals of the regulations and emphasizing performance outcomes
  • Implementing best practice that is evidence based and data driven
  • Striving for exemplary service by supporting the research community through process navigation

Emerging Federal Research Integrity Concerns

In recent months, federal agencies have articulated concerns about research protection and undue foreign influence in academia. The 黑料社区 has a number of existing policies and procedures regarding appropriate disclosure and reporting in this vein. Guidance on those policies and procedures and the associated federal concerns is available at /compliance/responsible-international-activities/.


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